Cactuses, we prefer them in pots! Soften your skin with waxing.
Respect for the skin is ensured during waxing thanks to the use of professional waxes and single-use equipment for perfect hygiene.

Zone du visage

Face area

To redefine or maintain the eyebrow line

These areas are mainly made up of down, which makes them delicate to remove hair. It is strongly advised to entrust these areas to a professional.

Sensitive areas

Consists of removing hair from the groin and on both sides of the pubis.

Consists of removing all the hair on the pubis and the labia majora. At the time of the depilation, it will also be proposed to you if you wish it and without supplement of price, the depilation of the furrow inter-buttocks.

Zones sensibles
Grandes zones

Large areas

½ LEGS Removal of all hair from the ankles to the knees.

LEGS Removal of all hair from the knees to the groin.

WHOLE LEGS Removal of all hair from the ankles to the groin.

ARMS Perfectly soft and neat arms! Hair removal is done with hot wax, elbows included.

After waxing, it is not recommended to expose yourself to the sun on the same day.

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