MISENCIL eyelash extension

Definitely forget about your mascara.

A quick time winner for women in a hurry, a solution for sensitive eyes or mascara intolerant eyes, but also the pleasure of long, full lashes, natural or more sophisticated, according to your wishes, discover the lash extension.

This is THE service that offers you what no one else can: save time every morning under the duvet and in addition have the most sparkling look from morning to evening, from evening to morning, when you get out of the pool or the shower, and in all seasons.

There are as many combinations of techniques and eyelash extensions to choose from as there are desires and morphologies to take into account. Here is a summary of the techniques with their different effects and results.

Volume Russe-02

Classic eyelash

The classic lash to lash application provides the most natural effect. 1 eyelash extension applied on 1 natural eyelash, the technique is very light and above all allows to play on the length and of course the intensity of the glance.

Towards a more sophisticated style, the classic lash application allows you to bring out the eyes even more by applying more lashes.

Russian Volume

The laying technique allowing the richest rendering in terms of effect is the Russian volume laying.

This consists of applying a bunch of lashes, i.e. several lashes, on top of 1 natural lash.

These eyelash extensions are specifically developed for this technique, they do not weigh down the natural eyelash and remain just as safe for the client.

Volume Russe-02

Gift Cards

Make those close to you happy with gift cards.


The MISENCIL eyelash extension application procedure is now so technologically advanced that I can adapt an application according to a morphology. Depending on the morphology, I can also adapt the application according to the client’s desired style: more natural or more sophisticated. Even more precisely, I can also apply more or less volume to the pose.

The products used are developed with maximum attention: the eyes are precious. Each element: from the gold tip tweezers, to the patches applied for safety reasons, to the Balance 7 that helps rebalance the Ph of the eyelashes and promote the adhesion of the extensions … everything is studied in detail so that the service is as comfortable and safe as possible.

For more information on the quality of Misencil products, please consult this page.