Foot reflexology Thai massage



Non-erotic and non-therapeutic touch massage session.

Massage details

Thai foot reflexology comes from a long Chinese tradition of pressure foot massage, which dates back thousands of years.

Foot reflexology is based on the fact that each part of the human body is represented at a specific place on the foot. These areas are called « reflex points ».

The principle of this massage is to stimulate the reflex zones from the feet to the calf, thus promoting homeostasis, the body’s natural ability to self-regulate, in order to maintain a state of balance and harmony.
This massage is performed while dressed. First the feet will be wrapped in warm towels, then the massage will begin with the application of a balm with essential oils that stimulates blood circulation, promotes muscular relaxation and whose scent instantly changes.

The massage will begin with smoothing and kneading movements, it will continue with pressure applied with a stylus (wooden stick) to bring extra precision to reflexology points of the feet and calves.

The relaxing effect is immediate when the feet are massaged as this is the area of the body, together with the hands, richest in nerve endings.

The benefits of Foot reflexology Thai massage

  • Stimule les fonctions naturelles du corps tout en renforçant l’état général
  • Soulage les jambes lourdes
  • Favorise le bon fonctionnement du transit intestinal
  • Favorise le sommeil
  • Améliore la circulation sanguine et lymphatique
  • Harmonise les fonctions vitales
  • Libère le stress, favorise la décontraction mentale
  • Nourrit et assouplit la peau des pieds

Who can benefit from Foot reflexology Thai massage ?

Reflexology is for everyone, in a general way, reflexology, because of its action on your entire being will provide you with a source of deep and revitalizing relaxation and harmonious balance.There are nevertheless contraindications to this massage such as the presence of inflammation, or foot trauma (sprain, thrombosis, circulatory problems such as phlebitis…), early pregnancy and people suffering from diabetes.

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