An energetic rebalancing massage, shiatsu stimulates the vital force and improves general well-being.

Having its origin in the 5000 year old oriental tradition, shiatsu is a method of care by finger pressure that was designed to treat all problems of dysfunction in the body. Adapted with the aim of global harmonization, it helps to eliminate blockages.

According to the ancient Chinese, an imbalance in the vital energy will cause an imbalance in the body or in the mind, which will favour the appearance of physical or psychic symptoms. The vital energy can thus be in excess, this is what this practice will correct.

Shiatsu does not only act on physical tensions, but also on the psychological level. Indeed, it will allow the individual to relax and fight against stress and anxiety thanks to its very relaxing effect.
As this discipline requires a certain amount of relaxation, the conditions must be optimal. Silence in particular is particularly important.

This massage is practiced dressed and on the ground, it is a deep massage that will not leave you indifferent.