Sports or deep tissue massage


50min or 80min

Non-erotic and non-therapeutic touch massage session.

Massage details

Deep tissue massage is a dynamic technique, used in particular by sportsmen and women for its deep and stimulating maneuvers.

The massage begins with pressure on the muscular areas to release tension, accentuate breathing and relax the body as much as possible. It continues with dynamic kneading, crushing and stretching movements practiced with a certain intensity in order to release the deepest tensions. It is a powerful and enveloping massage that is practiced with hands, forearms, fists, it can happen that one feels discomfort during the massage in places where there is strong tension.

Remember to moisturize yourself well right after the massage, but also in the days that follow, in order to promote the process of elimination of toxins.

The benefits of Sports or deep tissue massage

  • Relaxes and oxygenates the muscles
  • Promotes the secretion of endorphins, a hormone that relieves pain and provides a sense of well-being.
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Relieves accumulated tension and treats persistent pain, whether or not it is sporty or not
  • Nourishes the entire body and reduces the effects of aging

Who can benefit from Sports or deep tissue massage ?

It is mainly intended for men, sportsmen and women, for those suffering from aches and pains or after physical effort for a quicker recovery. It can also be beneficial in cases of chronic muscle pain, spasms and localized muscle tension. It is not recommended for extremely sensitive people.The contraindications for this massage are the same as for any other massage. This massage is not recommended for expectant mothers, sciatica, people treated by radiotherapy, psoriasis, eczema, fever, phlebitis, hemophilia.

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